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Cornhole Tips and Tricks for Beginners and Experienced Cornholers

Cornhole Tips and Tricks

If you are new to cornhole (or even if you are not) it can help to brush up on some of the specifics of the game.  Below is a list of helpful information we have put together that should not only improve your understanding of the game but maybe provide some inside tips to help you get on the fast track to becoming a cornhole king (or queen).  When you read through these, please keep in mind we did our best to make the content as accurate as possible.  If you come across anything that may seem a bit off, we would love to hear about it.  Also, if you have anything at all that you would like to see here, please send it along.  Click here to shoot us an email.

Cornhole Terms Every Cornholer Should Know

Have you been to a cornhole game and been confused by some of the lingo?  I am compiling a list of cornhole terms that may or may not be used in your area.  This way even if you aren’t a cornhole pro, you can keep up with the conversation or even throw in a term […]

The Art of the Throwing the Perfect Cornhole Bag

Having a good steady throw is the key to scoring over your opponent.  Getting on the board is essential, but sinking a cornhole makes the difference between winning and losing.  Use a correct throw, along with consistent form and your chances of getting a cornhole will dramatically go up. Keep in mind that this is […]

What Exactly is Cornhole?

While that may seem like a tough question the answer is easy. Cornhole is an addictive game played in the back yard that is catching on like wild fire almost everywhere. There are two boards placed about 24 to 30 feet from each other. Each board has a hole in the middle. The board is […]

Easy-to-Understand Version of the Rules

Cornhole is a really fun game.  The problem is that there are quite a few lengthy and confusing compilations of the rules.  Listed below is a short, sweet and concise version of the rules to help people understand the basics and get started playing.  If you are looking for one of those long confusing “OFFICIAL” […]

Cornhole Theories of Origin

The beginnings of the game cornhole is shrouded in mystery. Several different variations exist about how and where the game started. And each person who tells a story about the beginning believe that their version is correct. It is likely that the truth will never be truly known. The following list represents the most well […]

Different Throwing Styles Used to Play Cornhole

The following types of throws are designed for people who are still trying to perfect their game. And there might be a throw on this list that helps those who enjoy the game and are looking for just a different way to play. Since variety is the spice of life it might be wise to […]